For your music to reach your public it requires the right strategy, network...

                                      ...sweat and very well invested hours of hard work

Keep focused on creating your message and interacting with your public

                                      ...and let us do the rest

Our Projects

Rolling Alive

Rolling Alive stands for a very alive

video/audio recording of your non-stop rolling, UNretouched best performance in our studio.

Based in a very lean production concept we are able to offer you a high qualitative marketing material at an affordable price.

International Tour Management

WE plan, book, advertise, record, photograph,...

YOU fly, perform, enjoy, perform, enjoy, perform,...

...and fly back (unfortunately).

International tour management is our direct support to your tour in our region.

communicate your art through us

       Get in touch with us and let us discuss about

            the opportunities that working with Cordel can

      open in your artistic career.


        Be engaged in our projects and let your

          company benefit from a very positive public feedback.

Cordel Artistic Productions acts as enabler between artists and their public. We aspire to transmit the artists ideas and sentiments transparently and creatively.

We are active in all steps of the artistic production.

We book concerts to match the strategy, design the brand, advice in career decisions, work in promotion, public relations, social media approach, product development and music production.

Music is about communication. For each artist there is a public longing for a talk.

We bring them together.

The Vision

The mission

DANILO wants to win a Grammy as artist producer and he is using us to achieve his ambitious goals.

In the meantime we use him as our sound engineer and artist producer.

NAYRA thinks that she is a fairy, but she's actually our video and photo producer.

She brings a very magical touch to all our stuff.

Like a fairy.

BRUNNO is the very nice and competent person who wrote this text. He's one of our artist producers, but the main reason why we keep him is because artists can spend the night in his apartment.


Our goal is to produce a master piece that the artist is proud of and which is loved by his audience.

you with us

Cordel Artistic Productions

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Friedrichshafen, Germany